In Home Care Support

If you need support at home to enable you to live independently, you may choose to opt for home care. As an alternative to residential care, home care provides you with a carer who supports with you at home, supporting your day to day needs. Whether you need help with tasks around the home, with your mobility or medication, we can make your routine manageable and enable you to keep living in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

Live-in dementia care

Dementia is a life-changing condition, both for the person who has developed it and for their family. At Care 2 Squared we understand how worrying and confusing dementia can be for everyone affected, and we know that reliable information is vitally important in helping people to make informed decisions about their current or future care options.

Our dementia care philosophy is centred around personalised care and support to maximise independence, choice and control wherever possible. We passionately believe in supporting the client and their family every step of the way as they learn to adapt to the effects of dementia.

Live-in elderly care

Living in an ageing society means that many more people are facing difficult decisions about how to meet their care and support needs as they grow older. The COVID-19 pandemic has made many families concerned about having an elderly relative living in a residential home or a care home, and it is well known that the majority of older people would prefer to age in the familiar and comfortable environment of their own home.

At Care 2 Squared, we provide live-in elderly care that is dignified, respectful and personalised to each individual client. Our live-in carers work side-by-side with the person to maximise their independence, choice and control, and because our support is provided in the person’s own home, it means there is no separation from a spouse, partner or any pets that the person has.

This support can be delivered either with in a Home Care Package budget or Privately. Or mixture of both. Depending on the amount of care required.


Live-in physical disability care

Having a physical disability used to mean long stays in hospital and sometimes a need to move into a residential home or a nursing home. With a greater understanding of how to modify environments and provide care within a person’s own home, however, modern day physical disability care has been revolutionised.

Care 2 Squared in-home physical disability care is at the forefront of providing support for people with physical disabilities that is dignified, respectful and enables you or your relative to live as you wish to in the place you call home. Our care and support is entirely personalised, and focuses on enabling a person with a physical disability to have as much independence, choice and control as possible.


All of our live-in carers are fully trained and vetted to provide side-by-side support that focuses first and foremost on you or your relative as a person. So, while we will provide all of the care you need to live as well as possible with your disability, we will also support you to be the very best you can be as an individual.




 Distribution Locations: Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Qld